Spam is an issue that Aruba Webmail has to deal with on a daily basis. Aruba takes spam very seriously and spends time trying to find ways to reduce the number of spam emails received by Aruba customers. The best way for Aruba customers to avoid getting spammed is by not providing any personal information in their email account settings or while signing up for Aruba Webmail. To help Aruba mail combat spam, we have created this blog post – “How to Remove Spam Emails from Your Aruba Webmail”. We will discuss four different methods that you can use in order to remove unwanted emails from your inbox!

Remove Spam Emails from Your Aruba Webmail

What is Spam Email?

Spam email is a generic term for unsolicited commercial email. Spam does not just refer to the canned meat that Aruba Webmail users can purchase at their local grocery store but also refers to e-mails received from companies and businesses advertising products or services in which Arubawebmail users have expressed no interest.

It’s easy enough to distinguish junk emails from legitimate ones since spam often has attachments, misspelled words, grammar mistakes, promises of riches by reading this advertisement…etc., while non-spammy mail usually doesn’t contain any of these characteristics. Aruba webmail provides an option on every single message you receive informing them if they want ArubaWebMail to stop delivering promotional messages and updates about new features etc.

How to Remove Spam Email from Aruba Webmail

The Aruba Webmail interface allows you to filter emails and block specific senders or domains that are spam. You can also set filters for newsletters, bulk mailings, special offers, etc. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Account Details (under General) > Filtering Options
  • Click “Add Filter” on the top left menu bar; then select what type of email messages you want to filter out from your inbox by clicking any one of these options – Bulk Mailing Messages, Newsletters & Special Offers, or Other Emails not specified above
  • Set the appropriate criteria such as keywords in the sender’s name field and subject line text message fields


This Aruba Webmail tutorial will teach you how to remove Spam from your Aruba Webmail. This ArubaWebmail guide is for new Aruba customers who are experiencing spam emails in their inbox, as well as existing Aruba customers that have not been able to figure out how to stop the constant bombardment of Spam email messages on their computer screen. Read this blog post and learn about three simple steps you can take right now to rid yourself of any annoying spam emails coming into your inbox once and for all.