Yahoo! has been one of the oldest mailing clients out there and people have been using it ever since it was first released. It is pretty much pinnacle of mailing that has been with us from the year 1997. It may not be the first one to be released following the service but it surely wasn’t the last one either. The first emailing clients were the likes of Hotmail which was soon bought by Microsoft who later used it on their MS office software to get more out of their Windows operating systems.

Yahoo! Mail was something different. It was an independent free to use service launched alongside an already set up and working a search engine. Today we are going to be having a look at how we can get YMail for the UK and probably many other countries that you have. Yahoo! And Ymail is something that goes hand in hand. Before we get to the basics of making a Yahoo Mail account let’s have a look at the basics and get some knowledge about the website a bit.

Yahoo & has been around ever since the early 90s and it had become a stable and highly popular Search Engine back in the day when Google was not around. Yahoo had done some seriously bad business management and this got it for a cheap sale in the year 2016. Yahoo reported losses and bad decisions made a company once valued at $125 Billion sold the majority of its stocks to Verizon at just $5 Billion. It was dubbed as one of the saddest trade in the history of tech-related trades. Yahoo mail might have been one of the best ever creations that Yahoo did and it is still being used by roughly a quarter of a million people every month.

Yahoo Mail

About: Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is better known as YMail and has been up and running in almost each and every country with an internet connection. Even though YMail has fewer users than its competitors like Google’s Gmail it still is one of the best emailing services out there. I have personally used YMail’s services back in the day when a messenger was first launched. Before Facebook and Whatsapp Yahoo messenger were the go-to apps hipstore download for friends, families, couples, etc to talk over. It still has some active users but has lost its charm with the presence of newer more fluent apps.

In the UK Yahoo Mail and Hotmail Login UK  has the exact same features as the rest of the world. Here are some that might be of interest to all of us –

  • Yahoo has a unique spam filter system that gives you a great and clean inbox.
  • Great and intuitive design to suit the average user.
  • Greylisting allows you to mark spams easily.

Sign up and Login – Yahoo Mail

Here are the steps to get your hands on Yahoo Mail –

  • Firstly, open up this link –
  • Now click on the sign-up button.
  • Enter your correct details and you are good to go.

To login simply visit the above-given link and enter your correct credentials.